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Founded in 2004, eGrain, Inc. saw the effectiveness of electronic warehouse receipts in other commodities and set out to develop an electronic warehouse receipt system suitable for the grain industry. We developed a system that overcomes the many burdens of the paper warehouse receipt system and offers an easy to use web interface. Our parent company, King Technology, Inc., has extensive experience in designing, developing, hosting and operating highly secure central filing systems containing extremely sensitive information.

The eGrain℠ System was developed using guidelines adopted by the USDA Provider Agreement, Grain Addendum, and Grain Appendix; and the Association of Grain Regulatory Officials (AGRO), an association of state and federal grain warehouse and buyer licensing authorities. Any documents used in the grain and agriculture industries, including warehouse receipts and price later/credit sales contracts, may be electronically created, issued, transferred, stored and canceled within the eGrain℠ System.

eGrain performs and adheres to the following general principles and operation guidelines:

  • Provides for the issuance, transfer and cancellation of EWRs
  • Provides for the issuance and cancellation of Price Later/Credit Sales Contracts
  • Provides for the issuance and transfer of other USWA electronic documents
  • Ensures data is secure, not changed inappropriately and only accessible by authorized parties
  • Operates as a neutral third party in a confidential and secure fashion, independent of any outside influence or bias in action or appearance

We work very closely with all segments of the grain industry and are constantly evolving the eGrain℠ System to meet their ever-changing needs. Our users enjoy numerous benefits of utilizing electronic documents and have expressed that they would never want to return to paper documents. eGrain is committed to bringing new innovations to the industry in order to improve the efficiency and enhance the grain marketing process.

Corporate Officers

N. Richard King
Chief Executive Officer
and President

Chris Kincade
Customer Service Specialist


The eGrain℠System is an easy-to-use and efficient web-based platform that eliminates the hassles and expenses of software purchases, distribution and maintenance. Our “cloud computing” model allows users to access their account on any Internet connected device. There is no expensive equipment or software to by as the system works on existing resources such as computers and mobile devices. The eGrain℠ System is innovative in its design and was granted a U.S. Patent for its method and system logic for managing commodity transactions.


eGrain’s web-based platform exceeds the strict federal security and confidentiality requirements to maintain good standing status as a USDA licensed provider of electronic documents. The eGrain℠ System is hosted at a secure, restricted-access facility with multiple power sources and back-up systems with numerous access points to the Internet, ensuring accessibility and the highest protection of data. The platform’s architecture is maintained using industry-leading standards to ensure that data is secure, not changed inappropriately and only accessible by authorized parties.


The eGrain℠ System is a powerful, web-based central filing system that allows users to instantly sort through the entire history of EWRs and produce customized reports. In addition, users can use this data to import information into accounting software, thus improving accuracy and efficiency for tracking receipts. EWR data can also be downloaded into third party applications such as Microsoft® Excel.

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