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How prepared is your business for a natural disaster or another major disruption in business? If you currently do not have a data backup plan, now is a great time to take a look at this important aspect of your business. Frequent backups and safe storage of your business’s data, preferably off-site, are extremely important aspects of your business’s disaster recovery plan. Attempting to recreate or salvage lost records is next to impossible and can be very costly.

The United States Department of Labor estimates that over 40% of businesses never reopen following a major natural disaster and at least 25% of the remaining companies will close within two years. These statistics are very sobering and should make the protection of your business’s data a high priority. eGrain is now offering the grain industry an affordable and easy-to-use online data backup solution to meet your data protection needs.

Pricing starts at $46 per month for 25GB of data protection

Online data backup features:

  • Most operating systems and common databases supported – works well with acounting software and email servers
  • Data is compressed and encrypted before sending to the server
  • Customizable backup program allows backups to be scheduled at any time
  • Automatic backup process (no tapes to change)
  • 7 day file retention built into all online backup plans
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Comprehensive data reports available

eGrain has developed an electronic system, eLicensing, to manage applications, renewals, transfers and payments for the various licenses used in the agriculture industry. eLicensing allows regulatory agencies and warehouse personnel to process license applications much more quickly and efficiently, without the burdens associated with handling, filing, storing and safeguarding licenses and eliminates postage and other handling related costs.

eLicensing was originally developed with the assistance of the USDA - Warehouse Licensing and Examination Division and the first phase manages service licenses (WA-53). Additional phases will allow users to manage warehouse licenses and bonds. Furthermore, eGrain maintains a public access section to allow search and view capabilities for all electronic service licenses approved by the USDA.

Click here to search the eLicense database.

eLicensing offers multiple payment options to grain warehouses, including ACH electronic checks, credit cards and paper checks. In addition, warehouse personnel never have to worry about losing another license and they can view their licenses for all company locations from any internet connected computer. eLicensing can be customized to accommodate the licensing process for any state regulatory agency, commodity exchange or other government agency.

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